2 comments on “The Artist review (and a somewhat short wrap up of the year)

  1. Visit sixechojnz.livejournal.com for my older movie reviews (Shame, War Horse, Midnight in Paris, Mission Impossible and more). I recently switched to WordPress, so there are only three reviews so far. Thank you!

  2. I so agree with what you said about The Artist. IT WAS SO GOOD!
    A bit of what made it even more special for me (if at all possible) was when an actual dog ran down the aisle barking at the screen’s dog. She was a service poodle. For an instant we thought the hot guy from the film would be right behind the dog. My heart stopped then we all laughed. It was great!!!
    All in all we ended up paying a ton of money to see this movie. We took a ferry ride, parking, lunch, the movie, popcorn, then dinner then more parking then another ferry. All in all It was so worth it, I will pay again.

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